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Arulmigu Mariamman



Welcome to Arulmigu Sulakkal Mariamman Temple

       This temple is located on Coimbatore - Pollachi road, 32 kms from Ukkadam. ‘Sulakkal’ was near the dense forest. The inhabitants of Sulakkal and other villages nearby usually send their domestic animals to the forest for their feed.

       One villager’s cow alone was not yielding milk all of a sudden. On suspicion, one day he followed his cow to the forest.

       He noticed that his cow was shedding milk on the Sand-Hill. When he approached the cow it started running and got its feet hit by the Sand-Hill.

       Much to his surprise he saw blood oozing out from the Sand-Hill.

       On the very same day Goddess appeared in his dream and asked him to raise a temple known as Arulmigu Sulakkal Mariamman temple.

Greatness Of Temple:

       The cows of the farmers of Velayudhampalayam were gracing in this region. The farmers found that the quantity of milk from the cows was coming down.

       They wanted to know the cause and watched the cows and found that they were pouring the milk in a particular place and drove them off.

       But the leg of one cow was caught in a bush and when it took off its leg, the swaymbu came out a little damaged. There was a trident also near the Swayambu. The scar caused by the cow’s leg is still visible on the deity.

       Ambika appeared in the dream of the owner of that particular cow and directed him to erect a temple for Her. The temple came into being then.